I consider Mike (Miller) to be an incredible coach. He may well be the most successful coach in the history of California and I highly recommend him.

Dave Rose - Former Head Coach
Brigham Young University

Mike Miller has built winning programs at multiple schools and levels. His regular season championships speak to the consistency and stability of his teams and his stellar post-season record is evidence of the quality and fundamentals of his players. He is committed to the academic achievement and personal development of student-athletes. Mike Miller not only builds programs, but he provides the leadership and experience to manage perennial success.

Dave Rice - Former Head Coach

"The Cubs basketball program has as much respect as any junior college in the country. Not only do the players win, they also graduate."

Howie Dickenman - Former Head Coach
Central Connecticut State University

"You are truly a great Coach and your record speaks volumes about your talents as an X and 0 man, recruiter, and motivator. I can only hope to be as half as good a coach as you as I start my career as a head coach at the University of Hawaii ."

Bob Nash - Former Head Coach
University of Hawaii

"The record for Conference wins that Coach Miller has set is not only outstanding but also 'standard setting'. Coach Miller's consistent excellence is truly an incredible achievement. I certainly hope we will be able to work together in the future."

Jerry Wainwright - Former Head Coach
DePaul University

"Congratulations to everyone at LA City College (upon winning your 14th straight Conference title)! I've followed the program since I was an assistant at UNLV in 1993! Consistency is the mark of Greatness!!!

Jay Wright - Head Coach
Villanova University

"That’s an amazing feet that you have done (winning your 14th straight South Coast Conference Championship). I don’t care what level, I can almost bet that it will never be broken, just added to. It is a tribute to you mostly, but staff and players. You’ve worked your tail off to get that program where it is. No one will ever accomplish what you have. Congratulations again and Go Cubs!"

Kerry Rupp - Former Head Coach
Louisiana Tech University

"Coach Miller is literally one of the best coaches in the world particularly his ability to teach and prepare his players for competition and how to become better players for higher levels The proof is in his results and the countless number of players he has advanced including the professional ranks. What isn't publicly seen is his tireless work ethic and devotion to helping his players become fine people off the court and winners in life."

Bob Burton - Former Head Coach
Cal State University at Fullerton
California Community College Hall-of-Fame Inductee

"LA City College and Coach Miller have had an unbelievable win percentage over the last 10 years and the have consistently placed players at the Div. 1 level".

Stew Morrill - Former Head Coach
Utah State University

"Mike built LACC into one of the top junior college programs in the country. His 500+ wins as a head coach and his 400+ wins at LA City is second to none in California JC basketball. His passion for coaching has made LACC basketball what it is today."

Randy Bennett - Head Coach
St. Mary's College

"Mike Miller has put LACC on the map nationally. His knowledge of the game is obvious by the way his players perform. He is one of the most fundamentally sound coaches I have ever been around since John Wooden."

Henry Bibby - Former Assistant Coach Memphis Grizzles
Former Head Coach University of Southern California

"I recruit players from Los Angeles City College for one reason: I know they have been taught the fundamentals. They are ready to contribute as a direct result of what they have been taught at L.A. City."

Tim Welsh - Former Head Coach
Providence College

"I'm sure these guys will be well coached and I know Mike Miller cares about them as young people. On the court and off the court they will be well taken care of. That's one of the big reasons for the success at L.A. City College!"

Roy Williams - Former Head Coach
University of North Carolina

"I have the greatest respect in the world for Mike Miller. Not only does he represent class, his players do also. His players improve as people as well as players and he does a great job."

Mark Gottfried - Former Head Coach
North Carolina State

"You really have established the premiere community college program in California and the United States. Your passion and commitment to your program is something I really admire and respect"

Steve Cleveland - Former Head Coach
California Community College Hall-of-Fame Inductee
Fresno State University

"Recruiting winners is a very important factor in our recruiting scheme. No kids win more than Mike Miller's kids at Los Angeles City College. You know what you're getting when you recruit from LACC - WINNERS!!".

Bobby Braswell - Former Head Coach
Cal State Northridge

"Coach Miller has built a tradition of excellence at L.A. City College. His players are always prepared for success at the next level. The players truly do come first with Mike Miller."

Steve Fisher - Former Head Coach
San Diego State University

"Mike Miller has always demonstrated sincere concern for the development of his student athletes, on and off the court, L.A. City College is fortunate to have him serve as Head Basketball Coach and I am privileged to have him as a friend."

Jim Woolridge - Former Head Coach
UC Riverside

"You've got the best junior college program in the State of California. I know you are not allowed to go outside of California and play for a national title, but I can assure that with what you have done there is no question you would be one of the top teams in the country. The 30-win streak four years in a row is truly remarkable."

Donny Daniels - Former Assistant Coach

"I have always admired the job you have done at LACC. You have built a great program!"

Kelvin Sampson - Head Coach University of Houston
Former Assistant Coach Houston Rockets
Former Head Coach - Indiana University

"Coach Miller runs a first class program. His record and his accomplishments speaks to the quality of his program. His practice sessions are well run, at a very high intensity level. We feel very fortunate to have two of his players."

Cy Alexander - Former Head Coach
North Carolina A&T State University

"Mike Miller's basketball accomplishments are extraordinary. His streak of conference championships speaks volumes about his ability to teach, strategize and motivate. When you start a conversation about the elite coaches in America, you must include Coach Miller. There simply isn't another Junior College coach in the nation who does a better job of preparing his student-athletes for the intercollegiate level and beyond."

Gary Stewart - Head Coach
Stevenson University

"The thing that most impresses me about Mike is his passion and desire to be the best at what he does. He is a proven winner!!!"

Tim Carter - Former Head Coach
South Carolina State University

"Mike Miller is the total package. He is a fantastic Coach and teacher. He genuinely cares about his players as people first. He has built L.A.C.C. into one of the nation's elite programs. When players leave his program, they are ready to excel in the classroom and on the court at the next level!"

Seth Greenberg - Former Head Coach
Virginia Tech
ESPN College Commentator